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White Melt logo, representing connection and community.

Discover the Melt Story: Our journey to empower you to be fearless in meeting new people, and transform your social life.

At Melt, we believe that life’s most treasured moments are often shared with others. Our journey began with a simple realisation: in a world filled with digital connectivity, the magic of making new face-to-face connections is becoming rarer.

We’ve been there, feeling the frustration of missed opportunities, the ache of loneliness in a new city, and the desire for genuine connections that transcend screens.

Melt was born out of the vision to rekindle the magic of human interaction. In. Real. Life. To create a platform where people can meet, connect, and make memories that truly matter.

Join us as we redefine the way people meet, fostering relationships that enrich lives and create lasting bonds.

Our Community

Melt is a thriving community of individuals seeking to connect, engage, and make meaningful memories.

Our users come from diverse backgrounds and share a common desire – to break free from the constraints of digital interactions and experience the richness of in-person connections.

From sparking new romances to forging lasting friendships and valuable professional contacts, our community is a group of social individuals coming together to form bonds that will last a lifetime.

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet revolutionary: to create a space that transcends the digital realm and translates connections into real-life experiences. Melt is not just an app; it’s a movement to bridge the gap between virtual conversations and real-world encounters.

Our mission is to empower you to get out there, explore, and embrace the possibilities that surround you. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, explore romantic connections, or expand your professional network, Melt is designed to be your guide in this adventure of human interaction.

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What Sets Us Apart

Melt leverages the power of proximity. We are not confined to screens and texts; we’re grounded in the real world. You’ll see who’s at the same venue, sharing the same intentions, and open to new connections.

Like, match, chat, and then take the leap to meet in person – that’s the heart of Melt.

Our innovative features, like the Glimpse heatmap and venue-based interactions, ensure that every interaction is fuelled by authenticity, intention, and shared experiences.

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The Inspiration Behind Melt

At Melt, our story starts with a simple truth: life’s most cherished moments are best shared with others.

As the founder, I’ve lived the frustrations of missing out on experiences because I lacked companionship, of arriving in new countries only to feel isolated without friends, and watching loved ones embark on life’s milestones while I remained on the side-lines.

Witnessing countless people struggle with loneliness and yearn for genuine connections, I became committed to changing this narrative. I was disheartened by the uselessness of traditional dating apps that often leave us stuck in the digital realm, failing to truly facilitate real-world interactions.

Melt emerged from a determination to offer a platform that transcends superficial swipes and prioritises the power of personal connections. Our aim is clear: to melt the barriers that separate us and forge authentic relationships, transforming lives one meeting at a time.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to join us on this journey of meaningful connections, authentic interactions, and shared moments. Explore our features, embrace new possibilities, and unlock the potential of real-life connections. Welcome to Melt, where you’re not just swiping right; you’re igniting connections that have the power to transform your world.

White Melt logo, representing connection and community.
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